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About Spark

Spark is the digital agency that goes far beyond websites & SEO.

You may have heard of us.  We concentrate on one thing:  Your business goals.  If you need targeted leads, increased sales, or more followers, we are the campaign designers/drivers/thinkers/doers/over-achievers/optimizers to make it happen.  We believe in functional user experience, branded design and industry best practice.  Further, our multifaceted campaigns harness the power of the internet and become the envy of your competitors.

We are not just a PPC shop.  Not just social gurus.  Not just data analysts & SEOs.  Not just award winning designers.  We are the hub of all digital strategy.  We are a one stop, “o thank god I found you,” measurable solution.   We are your advocate/cheerleader/counselor/crusader and partner for all of your digital marketing initiatives.

Why do we know what we’re doing better than the other guys?  One, our experience, is rooted in the ever competitive industries of for-profit education, finance and insurance lead generation.  Large budgets and cut throat optimization demands allowed us to test our designs, campaigns, and out of the box ideas until we found what works.  And then what works best.  Two, we take care of our business owners, VPs, marketing directors and C-panels.  Please, take the credit for our work  – we are here to make you look good.

Our plan for partnership is to lend our expertise to your business’s goals.  Whether you are realty broker, store owner, large enterprise, or need to generate more donations for your charity, Spark steps in to help define, create and campaign for your business.  We are successful when you turn a positive ROI.

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Proudly Located Downtown Detroit

Spark is located downtown Detroit