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We are regarded as industry leaders in
digital strategy.  Spark is
focused on delivering performance through quality traffic and great user experience.

Smart, Agile, Imaginative

Team Spark, from Designer to Media Buyer to our Developers, are trained in performance marketing and campaign optimization.   All hands are responsible for using industry best standards, keeping up on trends, innovating, collaborating, and keeping client goals front and center.

Our Approach

Every client campaign goes through our discovery phase.  Our team chats with your team.  We learn all we can about your business from you and use this foundation to find out more.  We launch an all-out digital research initiative:  search terms, direct competitor strategies, case studies, search engine competition, authority voices in your space, social network pages, and so on.  Our research and content team compiles this information into a consumable format.  From this our marketing team builds actionable digital strategy.


We believe in the synergy of a cohesive and well executed marketing plan.  Everything a large brand or a local business would need to accomplish online is managed and fulfilled by Spark.  No need to multi-vendor. Our talent pool, expertise and knack for conquering everything digital makes Spark a true partner in growing business.

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